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Cold too overpowering to attend lectures – therefore on couch with new episode of True Blood and Glee (omg-yay!). Anna and Finn rang me up earlier, offering cake and movies, promising not to care if I sneeze on them. Company = less of a skittish, angsty me. Company visiting me at home = I have to clean. This is good. We like this. I’ve been wanting to clean this place for ages now, I just haven’t gotten off my ass to do it.

Mom’s in Malaga. I’m all alone in this crap house (and on top of everthing, the front door won’t close properly unless you slam it shut and has taken to opening on it’s own at random intervals). But as my darling Evlajn reminded me – This too shall pass.

Yeah. Good ramble, there.


Living here.

As in Living in Stora Råby, where I spent something close to 10 months wishing I was somewhere else, preferrably away from myself. It’s not fun. It’s like it’s stuck in the walls and I spend most of the time here trying to run away from something and I’m not really aware I’m doing it. Stora Råby is sleepless nights and a wish to be gone. We’re moving out in like two weeks. Thank God.

But one good thing about this place is my mom.
My mom is absolutely fantastic.
When I hurt she let’s me sleep in her bed and hold my hand until it passes.

Last night things got a bit out of hand. I woke up at 03:20 AM from the sensation that my uterus was trying to claw it’s way out of my abdomen, and I got to cry everything out of me for an hour or so. Thank GOD for mothers with pills and big beds.


is pretty much all I want right now.

And to not have a cold.
This, and to not cough up a lung every two minutes.

Note to self

Thinking “maybe they don’t hurt as much as I remember” is actually your shoes lying to you. They will hurt as much as you remember. Never hit a nation in in heels.

Uhm.. okay. Sure.

Life is strange sometimes.
Some people think gratitude is a bad thing.
Some people just aren’t who you thought they’d be, and it’s totally not their fault.
Myself, I seem to dream about cats more than anything.

Whatever. Work, then litterature lecture.

LJ-Icon of the day

 So true.

I’m running out of music. I’m about to wear Florence & The Machine into the ground – this is a bad thing. We do not like this. So. Recommendations anyone? Preferrably something along the lines of “Go absolutely crazy and dance your ass off, While drunk.” Hit me, baby!
And yes, I’ve shamelessly stolen this icon from someone on the Interwebz. If it’s  yours, TELL ME, and I will totally apologize and credit. If it’s any consolation; I took it ’cause it rocks. Think of it as.. surprise promotion!

Yes, I fell of the face of the earth there. Just for a bit.

I moved in with mom, got a cat, lost a cat, worked, worked and worked some more – not to mention that Uni is sucking my soul out through my nose. It’s all going really fast. Imagine my horror when I realized I hadn’t updated my Facebook for a week. Ugh.

But I’m back now.

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