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Well. I’ll just be going, then.
Taizé, here I come ❤


Happy Midsummer, guys!

I’m tipsy.
And I’m leaving for Taizé in less than 12 hours.
I really should finish packing.

You tell me.

“I have cheesecake, how the FUCK can I be miserable?!”

Laundry and Hillsong United

And what could I say? What could I do? But offer this heart, Oh God, completely to you.

I’ve been up since 8 AM. Sure, I have to whole day ahead of me and all that, but really, I think I’m gonna be sleeping past noon until I’m 35.

There an awesome feeling of contentment.
Hillsong United – United We Stand carrying me through a mountain of laundry, dishes, errands and logistics in general. I can totally dig it.

The sun is shining.
Taizé in two days.
Or, to be more specific – 48 hours and 40 minutes.

Open hands given for a sovereign cause
All I have, God, will be forever yours

No wonder I call you the Savior

No wonder I’m singing


Goals for today: Clean bedroom, sort through wardrobe, get my two worklists off to where they’re supposed to be, pick up a bottle of wine for Friday and, if possible, go get my bike from Mom’s.

I’ve been such a good girl and planned ahead. I know what I have to get done today so I won’t have to get super stressed Friday. Only problem is, it’s 12:13 PM and I’m still in bed.

Ooooh, eerie silence!

Oh, hai!

So. Work, work, work, alcohol, work, work, music, nails, babies, ducks, work, alcohol.. Wow.
I haven’t blogged for 6 days. It feels like a month.

But now I’ve officially started my two-week holiday. One week filled with (hopefully) sun, lawns, music, friends and quite possibly some cider. A week for making lists and doing laundry and packing and cleaning my room so I won’t fall down from being greeting by the depressing sight that is my room, once I get back from Taizé. (That’s what the second week is for.)

I failed my History exam. Resit is in August, day before Phonetics exam. Passed my Vocab exam with honors – booyah, bitches.

And now, I’m off to mom’s. Cozy, hungover time.

It was like a hug for a sick girl.

I’ve had a really good day. With some really fantastic people.
And then I watched Valentine’s Day, and.. wow. I think I need to give in to my deeply hidden love for chick flicks. But then again.. most chick flicks don’t have Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane.

Proof that God is good below.

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