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I’m about to barf.

‘Cause I have No Idea how I’m gonna pass my phonetics exam on Thursday.
And if I fail it, the resit isn’t until August – which is when I was planning on starting my B-level course. Can I still get in, even if I have a resit like, two weeks before term starts?

I have a grammar exam in 2 hours and 11 minutes, and I. Can’t. Sleep. Go me.


Oh, shiny!

I have Internet Backgammon on my computer.
*Shakes fist at HP*
I’m never gonna get any sleep.

This is how I want them

Fuck that clean shaven, well-behaved shit.
Sweaty, dirty, mad and with an incorrect dribble of blood from somewhere on their face. Yup, that’s how I want ’em.

A hungover Sunday

I ended up going to a “party” last night, which mostly consisted of 10 people in a cramped apartment listening to loud music and getting suitably drunk. I got Evlajn home with me; we poured ourselves into bed around 2 AM, much to Ceit’s irritation. We’re not very discreet at all when we’re that sloshed.

Today was spent getting our nails done, while hungover I might add – Evlajn more than me, since the silly girl didn’t have enough sense to eat properly beforehand – and then enjoying the latest episode of Doctor Who. (Rory! OMG!)

Oh, and it’s Mothers Day!Love you, Mom ❤

Somehow, this is commonplace now.

I had trouble falling asleep when I got home last night, due to the two drunken students passing my window every 15 minutes, screaming “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto” at the top of the freakin’ lungs. Woke up at 8 AM – guess when my vocab exam was due to start? – and had to execute a flying dive for my bike. Ultimately, I was only 20 minutes late. And I did good. Vocab is my thing, y’all. (Must get better at placing cell phone far away from my bed. I’m getting more and more creative at shutting it up – in my sleep.)

Now – nap. And later mom is taking me to Willys for some grocery shopping. What a way to spend a Saturday.

Lajki – The Explorer

I’m currently in Malmö, this strange town not too far from my dear Lund, but oh, SO different. Sofia dragged me here and the plan is apparently to seek out an Urban Arts Festival, with a (GASP) hiphop theme. Which is so my thing, right. But hey. It hasn’t been just me and Fia for a long time, and it’s always good to try new things, right?

I just have to make sure that I down get caught in a drive by, or mugged by a gun toting 14-year-old in a bandana. That’s what Malmö’s all about, you see.

Good morning.

I woke up just now with that scary feeling that I’ve forgotten something important.


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