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Because facebook is working against me.

FB is currently not sure wether not it’s going to allow me to post this as a status update, so I’m gonna leave it here, for now.

What do you say; I… take you home and eat your pussy?”

The clip can be found HERE. Seriously. This line exists. It’s delivered by none other than John Barrowman himself. Nothing else is relevant.


Google translate says: MAY DAY

Is that even… No. It CANNOT be the proper translation. Must be Bonfire night or some such. Surely not MAY DAY? Pff. Anyway.

I live in Lund, which is, in short, a Student Town. As you all now, Saturday is 1st of May. Which means tomorrow is Bonfire night. Which means, students get drunk. I happen to live on the same block as three of the biggest student nations. People from Gothenburg’s Nation have taken up temporary residence outside my bedroom window.

They’re “singing“.

Drunken retardness is so annying when you’re not the one being a drunken retard. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


Butt-fuckery hell. Darn it all!

Well. Nothing to do about it now. (Ostkupa.)
I’m just gonna leave this here, for your pleasure.
*tottles of to do .. something with her life*

Nature just EXPLODED.

I swear, it happened ~Over Night.
Walking home from my phonetics lecture just now, I realised;

Everything is Green. Everything is Alive.
Spring is finally, truly here, and I’m gonna go shop for Fika in shorts and a cardigan and then I’m gonna sit with my sister on my balcony and fucking Bask. It’s been such a long winter, guys.

Also, I’m listening to Kings of Leon. And just like Iron & Wine, it brings back memories. This time it’s just before we left for Taizé, me and Charlie diggin’ that shit like mad, Brantås, summer, parties, love and a feeling of being truly blessed. So now I’m gonna stop rambling and write her a letter.

The Captain is in the house

Tonight at 9:00 PM this sexy MF is appearing on Desperate Housewives. (He probably already has on say.. American TV, but hey, it’s Sweden. We’re a bit behind.) My point is though, for the Swedes reading this blog; Check it the fuck out! To qoute a random person ho left a comment on YouTube; “Why is Captain Jack being mean to old ladies?”

Because he can, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It’s the universe messing with your head.

You know how dyslexia is hard to spell? And how you can’t say the word ‘lisp’ without lisping? You know how you always find the best fucking fanfiction at the most inconvenient times?

That’s the universe fucking around with you. Or maybe karma ’cause you haven’t done your homework.

But really , guys. David Tennant is awesome. Just look here!
(And if anyone happens to know the name of that song; Drop me line, will you?)

A slightly better Monday

My essay got a pass grade!
This takes a considerable chunk out of my work load. *PHEW*
Am considering celebrating with B&J.

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