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It floats her boat, I guess.

My roommate has a taken to running three laps around the apartment to avoid… lethargy. Or a stagnation of the brain. It’s quite entertaining either way. We all do different things to study better.


Angsty entry that will make no sense to anyone,

I keep looking at these stupid pictures and wishing for something I can’t really have. Fuck this shit. I’m not even sure what it is I want, all I know is that you make me do this funny things where I change all of my priorities in a split second and it’s like every song I listen to is written about you, and I keep feeling like I’m gonna miss this opportunity any second now. I feel like such a bitch sometimes, because I’m not sure I want you NOW, but maybe later, but hell.. IDK.
Fuck this shit.

Oh, yay < 3 // You’re LATE.

Yesterday was much fun and love – my middle brother decided to get hitched, with a wonderful gal none the less. It was a smal ceremony down at city hall with just the closest family there. I got to sing them a song and we tied some knew family knots. Welcome to the family, H! We’re happy to have you.

On other matters;
GAH. Stupid essay. It’s like.. in my brain, but there’s a massive traffic jam in my elbows so the words can’t make it to my fingers. Stupid essay. And I keep going round and round in circles about the exam tomorrow. One second I’m like “No, it’s FINE, it’s gonna be a piece of cake!” and two minutes later I’m hyperventilating on the kitchen floor, going “Nooo… why meeee?!”.

Yeah. Today is fun.

Down the rocky road an all the ways to Dublin.

Ceit suggested we get my little sister to.. acquire Sherlock Holmes so we could watch it in the comfort of our home. I gasped at her insolence and decided to take her. That film is so aesthetically pleasing that it should be enjoyed properly. The first viewing at least. Also, I get a perfectly good excuse to see them pretty boys again. In good quality.

On the rocky road to Dublin.
One, two, three, four five,
Hunt the hare and turn her
down the rocky road
and all the ways to Dublin,

The Dubliners – The Rocky Road To Dublin

Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahha… No.

OMG I’m never pass this fucking exam, Why am I even studying at university, I don’t know how to study, WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE, I am gonna fail this shit SO HARD and then I’ll be forever humiliated, ’cause it’s about fucking WRITTEN PROFICIENCY and I’ve been writing in english since I was in eighth grade, but I’m trained in rethorics; I can give you an awesome speech, I can write dialouge you’ve never seen before and I can smother you in pure fucking fiction, but I CANNOT WRITE ACADEMICALLY. SHOOT ME. Aaaaahhhhhhh!

So. Yeah. My 365th entry in this moste awesome blog. (Not much considering how long it’s been around, but hey. I haven’t even begun to procrastinate.)

I’m having some slight bouts of exam anxciety right now. I’m supposed to write academic essays on topics which hold no interest for me what so ever. It’s like telling Aretha do sing Muse, or Obama lend his support to those nice White Supremacist-fellows.
I sit down and I honestly do try to write. I actually write alot. And then I read through what I’ve written and realise it’s complete horseshit. Combine this with the fact that I suffer from performance anxciety, and you can see what a peach I am today. Ugh.

(Ha! And the funny part is that right now, my biggest problem is the MOCK exam. The real exam is on monday. MONDAY MORNING.)

Should sleep.

MyGOD, why am I even awake?!
Stupid VocabQuiz. And I’m THIS close to just telling my WritProf to fuck off.

But alas. I would feel like quite the ass.
Now I’m gonna translate some 70 words from lovely English to sadly lacking Swedish. Ah! Woe is me, for I study at university.

(That sort of rhymed, didn’t it? It’s creepy what lack of sleep will do to you.)

I’m coming out.

I’m stepping out of the closet with one more vice, one more dark secret, one more thing people simply shouldn’t do.

I listen to E Nomine. For those of you who don’t know what this is.. well. It’s hard to describe, but if forced I guess it’s something like german techno with mytholigical themes and a heavy base. (Drool.)

Have a sample on the Spotify, yes.
E Nomine – German Stuff Alot Of People Secretly Love.

Oh, and I’m totally multifunctional – I composed that playlist while rehearsing Vocab from “The Silly Book of Nigeria” by Chinua Achebe. Go me!

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