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According to my dayplanner, I don’t give a fuck.

Thursday was fun. Went to Lunds Nation. Did booty dance. Went home.
Friday was even more fun. Understood grammar lecture, but fell asleep on couch and missed the drinking hulabaloo. Went to Malmö for a bit there – Sofie’s cat died. RIP Nisse.
Saturday. Uneventful. Did laundry. Triedto read about grammar. Failed, and read fanfiction instead. Introduced Ceit to Spotify around midnight and went to bed.


Sorry, what?

..and who okay’d winter anyway?

Me and Ceit took a bravewalk around the town this afternoon. ’twas a goddamned blizzard, I tell you. But I gots me a calendar, and some cigarettes, and a lock for my bike.

Tomorrow I’ll finally get my diagnostic vocabulary test back. Also, my student nation virginity will be taken, by none other than my dearest Bitch and Lovah and her awesome man-friend. And friday will apparently continue in the same style. Though a bit more hardcore it would seem. Tomorrow will probably serve as warm up, beacuse…

SI-mentor 1: “So, we thought.. friday…”
SI-mentor 2: “Yeah, friday.. we drink.”
SI-mentor 1: “Yup. And this is a good thing.”
SI-mentor 2: “Because when you sit in your next lecture you can think ‘Shit, I don’t know anything, and everyone else knows so much, but that’s cool because that guy puked on himself yesterday.'”
SI-mentor 1: “So we’ll meet up on Helsingkrona Nation on friday. At 3 p.m.”

A tiny homage.

I'm gay...
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O rly?

At midnight four students stopped outside my window to sing dirty songs.
It was quite entertainging.

Grammar lecture!

Mm-bop! (Does booty dance)

Oh, I has a happy!
As the saying goes; all good things are three. (At least in swedish.)

After attending a slightly awkward workshop for Written Proficiency class (in previous logs spelled proficency, ironically enough) that had an even more awkward aftermath, I arrived home to find that Ceit had been kind enough to pick up all the books I ordered – in her name. My LORD! They’re so pretty. I love them.

Then I called CSN. Their automatron woman calmly – and slightly roboticly – told me that my student loan finally made it through all the red tape. It arrives tomorrow. Or, y’now, today. KaChing! (Shakes booty like madman.)

I called my dear Sofie, who told me the wonderful news that Derek the Scotsman (an acquaintance from gymnasium) is coming to visit around the end of February. I’m hoping to finally get a grasp on one of the few english dialects which have eluded me so far. Booyah!

Mruff. Grrrn. Hmpf.

Sang Springsteen for extremely ungrateful audience. Earned money. Lost mittens. Attended Written Proficency lecture, and was bored and left feeling somewhat aghast. Bought compendium for written proficency class. Lost fingers one by one on the way home, due to lack of mittens. Had chicken soup. Will now try to contact CSN to get my money.

Conclusion: The more elaborately a professor has designed her PowerPoint slides for a lecture, the less substantial her lecture will be.

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