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You know you’re my saving grace

I can see your Halo…

I know it’s a bit old and all that. but hey, I spent four months in a monastery, and I was a bit retarded before I went there.

I might have a job. Which is a HUGE MF relief. And possible also a place to live after new years.
A place I can share with my love Evlajn, which makes it even better.

I’m doing a presentation about Taizé tomorrow, for Dad’s class.
It’s been quite the grieving process, leaving that place.
So I’m gonna move on to the hard part. Talking about it. Remebering it fondly.
Most of all I’m gonna try to remember that I can go back there.

Night, loves.


Hilfe, hilfe.


Apartment, job, partner and life. Pets not necessary.

Me and Evlajn (mostly me) are consiering working at Kastrup, copenhagen’s airport.
But all they need right now is someone to defrost.. something. Not really sure what.

Does anyone in this world need a cheerful person to answer a phone and type alot?
English is not a problem. Please leave me a message.

Gloria Deo

Cat, out of bag it is, hmm?

The 16th of November I got on a train from Macon to Paris, and then I flew from Paris to Copenhagen. I arrived in Sweden around midnight, and I got to sleep in my own bed for the first time in four months.

Since then I’ve been forcing my entire family into radio silence because there were people I wanted to surprise by being an ass and simply showing up somewhere I knew they would be.
Last night I jumped my babydoll Evlajn at the Tegan and Sara concert at Mejeriet. She totally cried ❤

And finally i can say it our loud – in writing, but still, this is the internets, baby;

I’m home.

Late In The Evening (Simon & Garfunkel)

Tired, aching, grunpy;
but still happy, warm feeling inside.
There are beautiful people around who make me smile.

With the words Christ gave us we pray

French week came and went. O, mon Dieu! (Putain.)

All together over 6500 french, unwilling teenagers positivvely invaded our hill. There is no other word for it. But we pulled through and, as some sort of charmic balance, this week we welcome 28 visitors too stay the week. The quiet in church is unbelievable. Big Kitchen is closed, along with Casa. Meals for everyone is cooked in El Abiodh (here there be dragons) and pilgrims are welcomed in La Morada. Winter is here, and as Sr. Fiona put it – We’re gonna be cleaning alot.

Right now, I’m a bit to unstable to enjoy the quiet. For awhile I got a case of something aking to cabinfever, and I wasn’t entirely sure that the real world still existed outside of our haven here, our bubble of common life. This ended though, after several phonecalls home, letters and text messages. The result is instead that I’m very homesick at the moment.

I wanna sit in a couch. I haven’t done that since the 18th of July.
I wana play my piano, and drink white wine.
I wanna see all of the dearly loved people at home, and hug them all until they’re blue.
But you can’t have everything, and as dad would say “you can only be at one place at a time.”
So I’ll settle for this.

I love you. God bless you. ❤

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