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Pray for us, Pray for us poor permanents.

The french are here.


Sister Fiona’s Great Plan

A couple of days ago Sister Fiona – head of the N’toumi Group – walked into the N’toumi common room carrying two of th biggest bags of crisps I’ve seen in my life. At the look of my surprise she answers, “yeah, they’re fantastic, aren’t they?”

Me: Definitely. What are they for?
Sr. Fiona: People are gonna get sick. You girls need calories.
Me: Okay. Are you predicting an epidemic?
Sr. Fiona: It’s sort of in the air, wouldn’t you say?
Me: Sure thing. So the crisps are for common distribution?
Sr. Fiona: Yes. Dig in.

And we did. The N’toumi girls collectively put away 1200 g of crisps in under 22 hours. It didn’t stop people from getting sick though. Right now, seven of us are ordered to bedrest, and the rest are becoming hypocondric. Yesterday I was once again overtaken by my hideous ovaries and spent the day in agony and a tramadol induced fog. Sr. Fiona came by at 11 and asked me with worry in her voice if I too had fallen victim for The Great Autumn Bug. Her sigh of relief at my negation was scary.

Me:You were right though. There are alot of sick girls.
Sr. Fiona: I know. And El Abiodh is running out of hot water bottles.
Me: You’re still not feeding them my Baileys. ( I got a bottle of Bailey’s from my adults last week. Yay!)
Sr. Fiona: Drat. You sure?
Me: Positive. And the crisps didn’t work either.
Sr. Fiona: I know. I’m really bummed about that.
Me: Did you consider handing out clothing?
Sr. Fiona: Sorry?
Me: You know, scarves, gloves, that sort of thing? People are barely dressed, and the InterConties aren’t used to this kind of weather.
Sr. Fiona: Huh. Hadn’t tought about that.

I’m pretty certain that the crisps were part of her plan to make us fat and unattractive to the permanent boys so we won’t lead them on dark paths of lust and hormones. Then again, not being able to breathe through your nose sure puts a damper on the mood as well. It’s all part of Sister Fiona’s Great Plan (Trademark).

Heaven sends and heaven takes

I’ marveling at a lot of things at the moment.

How a single email can make you ache inside, while another one makes the sun shine stronger than ever.

How something so simple as a shower can solve all the problems you ever had.

But mostly I just look at creation, and marvel at His love.

Now I’m gonna go feed my adults for the last time. Next weeks work is Cleaning Houses, El Abiodh and Responsible, Washing up, El Abiodh. Which means I’m stuck on the north side of The Hill for another week. No boys for me. Drat. It’s all part of Sister Fionas Great Plan (Trademark).

Tenglish 101 – "I know not where is Lynn, yes?"

Welcome to Taize english, Tenglish for short, lesson number 1.

Start by choosing your accent. The original one is french, but you may now choose between several different ones – such as german, polish, spanish and italian.

Once you have chosen you accent, please remove all verbs from your vocabulary. Simply replace them with the single word “make”. (For extra credit, rename all horizontal surfaces – e.g gound, table – and simply call them “floor”.)

What really separates tenglish from any other languages though, is the question. There are none. To inquire something, one makes a statement which is followed by a “Yes?” or “No?” to inform the person one is talking to that one is not certain that ones statement is correct and that one would like them to remedy this situation.

Stay tuned for Tenglish 102 – He/She/It and “False Friends”.

"To face the loss of the good things that I’ve found.."

Kings of Leon is melting through my brain.
It’s really cold i Taize now, literally and figuratively speaking.

I’m pretty sure that this feeling inside, this thing I couldn’t outrun even if I tried, that this is what they mean when they say ‘Love.’

God, it sucks.

Confitemini Domino

Turns out, adults animation is fairly easy. I just have to know.. everything. Right now, I’m really grateful that it’s Hye Won holding the reins. Next week it’s my turn, but I’m not gonna worry about that until sunday.

Actually, my biggest concern right now is that the adult germans speak german. Only. And when I tell them that I will understand if they speak slower: They speak louder. And also, I need a picture of Fr. Wolfgang. He reminds me so much of Granddad Durnberger.


You’re a real Dead Ringer for Love

Casa can never get their stories straight.
I ended up handning out 13 picnics this morning, and I’ll be handing out at least five more this afternoon. That’s twice what Casa told me yesterday. Oh, and tomorrow I’m handing out 206 picnics. I didn’t even know we had 200 people on the field.

I love Taize. Nothing ever works, things are always just this side of chaos and we all put our complete trust in a bunch of crazy monks who all scratch their heads and shrug. I positively LOVE this place.

Next week I’m doing Adult’s Animation. According to Sylvia, this means standing on a chair and shouting alot. Sweet.

Time to send some letters. ❤

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