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It seemed like a good idea at the time

So.. Nobody called.
And yet again I decided that sleep when tired is of the good.
So I went to sleep, and slept until now. Yea.

I’m not gonna be able to go to sleep at all tonight. Sweet.
But then again;

Tomorrow is my last day at work!!


I feel sort of naked.

You see;
My laptop is rejecting internet.
And that leaves me stranded with -gasp- a stationary old lump of metal to satisfy my needs.

I don’t like it.
That’s why I don’t blog that much. Again. Heh.

It’s monday. I’m mentally telling my phone not to ring, ’cause I really don’t want to work. I just wanna go back to sleep. And then I wanna start making lists for Brantås.

*Shakes booty like madman on CRACK – ’cause it’s really sort of happening now*

Just one of those days

That’s what today is.
One of those day that doesn’t include anything extravagant.
No special occasion, nothing remarkable at all to remember it by.
It’s not even exceedingly boring. It’s just nice.

I’m in a moment right now where I can enjoyt the fact that I work for two more days, and then I quit. Then I get a tattoo and the I go to Brantås.

Springsteen should write a song about days like this.
He propably already has though.

I feel like sprouting wings.

I talked to my boss just now.
What I had expected to be a terse conversation regarding my resignation turned out to be a nice chat about my going to France. She told me where to turn for references, wished me luck on my trip and hung up the phone. I’m dancing in my chair right now.
I’m a procrastinator, and an undeniable one at that. I’ve been avoiding making this call for two weeks now. And when I finally get my thumb out of my arse, it’s a walk in the park. Serves me and my hang ups right.

And on top of it all, I’m working at the panda this afternoon. God, I missed the little buggers. ❤

These are better days baby,
These are better days – its true.
These are better days,
Better days are shining through.

The deep breath before the plunge

Soon. So very, extremely fucking soon.
It’s sunday today. If one counts today as well as the other days, one is left with the following:

  • Reunion with kids: 4 days
  • Tattoo: 10 days
  • Brantås with ChristCrew: 12 days
  • The Dinner & The Party To End All Partys: 20 days
  • ToveDarling and Lemle ties the knot: 27 days
  • The sending in church: 28 days
  • Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince: 31 days
  • Taizé: 34 days

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, all the apostles and all the archangels – give me strenght.
The future is here soon.

My liver dislikes me.

Graduation week is really something.
All the young, unspoiled people with white hats, smiling through their tears. (Except for Maria, she didn’t cry. Which she pointed out several times to me and Charlie.) All the big trucks, the loud music, the hoarse voices screaming happiness and relief. And not to mention the alchohol. My God, a more legit time to be drunk of your ass is unheard of.

Congratulations, all you newly grads! Take your time to be unemployed and live a little. That way you’ll enjoy working a lot more. ^^

Today I’m gonna sort my closet, have coffee with Paula an speak with my tattooer.
Tonight it’s Charlie time! ❤

And sometimes they’re really frickin’ awesome.

I just wanted to add that.
My parents should recieve some sort of award. ‘Cause they’re just that good.
Love you both.

Now I’m off to the old G-block.
I got work there these past two days, and today. It’s super strange to be there now.
Just like my old school. It’s not mine anymore.

Tonight it’s the season finale of Gray’s Anatomy with Charlie,
and tomorrow Mah Bitch and Lovah is graduating. ❤

*Major Booty Dance – ’cause the future is here soon*

Oh, and I totally showered with my watch on yesterday. Major Brainfart. It’s still ticking though, Thank God.

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