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You say tomato..

I recently discovered some changes done to my laptop wallpaper, without my knowledge or consent. It would seem that someone in my family (I can make an educated guess as to whom this culprit is) dislikes the idea that I’m going away to Taizé for ten months.

The words are swedish for “guard tower” and “prisoner camp”. If that actually were the case, well..I can’t say I’d mind – the backdrop is still quite stunning.


Let the sunshine in!

We sort of can’t in our family, ’cause dad has massive pollen allergies.
But still, open you windows and doors, just let the sun in, any way you can.

It’s really no wonder people have worshipped the sun since the dawn of time.
Sunshine after almost six months of gray, cold piece-of-crap-winter is just… wow.
The kind of sunshine we have now can take people of their meds.
I know that for a fact. ❤

Christianity Camp tomorrow.
Deep Breath.
But for now;
Arittake No Ai De by Gackt and The Spirit Stone by Katharine Kerr.

Something’s bakin’.

Elliot is seven weeks old.
Elliot is nine millimeters long.
Elliot is no bigger than a grain of rice, and Elliot already has a heartbeat.
Elliot arrives (knock knock) in the middle of December.
Elliot is gonna have the best aunt in the world.

All is quiet

It’s 20 minutes to nine on a sunday morning, or course it’s fucking quiet.
And I’m awake.

It’s all so, so sad.

Somwhere, someone is laughing. And it better not be God.

Soo.. I’m cranky.
’cause like.. everyone gets paid today.
But not me, noo. No booty dance ’til monday.

As you may have figured out already; no work today either.
I’m really starting to get pissed off now. I just hope I’m not accidentally called in sick or something, ’cause that’s just a whole can of worms I don’t wanna open.
(My boss is.. temperamental. Yeah.)

I think I’m gonna wake Veronie now.
She’s snoring in my bed. Lazy girl.
Then I might just have to call Sofie.
Haven’t talked to her properly for like three days.

I wanna play the game, I want the friction

Heh. Snerk.
The entire world should be gay.
I really think so.

And I shoulde be a bio male.
And have lots of monkey activities with other bio males.
And everyone would be gay.
It’d be totally hot.

Anyone read any good books lately?

The bitch that is temp work.

No work for three days now, and you’d think that someone, somewhere would have to get sick. Or have a minor breakdown and need temporary leave. But nooo. Stupid daycare asses.

So, I’ll propably spend today reading NCIS fics and working on my tan.
Eh, worse things have happpened.
And as we always say in the Christ Crew:
It could be worse- I could have Gonorrhea as well.
Oh, and it’s church time tonight too! Which means I’ll miss Lie To Me/Grey’s Anatomy, but still I get be annoyed and amused at the same time for three hours straight. Which is.. something I guess. I really need to get out of the house.

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