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No work, all play – but no pay.

No work today.
Instead I went to bed again, after two and a half hours of fruitless waiting for my phone to ring. I really hate that part. The sort of “Please, please call me, I need money” combined with “I’m SO freakin’ tired, don’t call, just let me go back to bed”. The indecisiveness is amazing at that time of the day, trust me.

But still, I got to sleep ’til past noon, which is both good and bad.
And I got to catch up with Charlie. We spent a couple of hours angsting over money and wether or not we should go to Taizé for Ascension Day. Not being filthy rich can sure suck sometimes.

But well, time for some very late dinner, and then more Twilight.
(I’m reading the books now aswell. Don’t be hating on me.)


Butterflies & Hurricanes

Muse really is very good.
So, anyway.

I have ice cream with raspberrys and my rooms is actually very clean.
There’s a rumour about mom, dad and me going to Fields and shopping for money we don’t have. I think mom has a shoe craving. I sure need pants.

But tonight, there is liquor and fun with Evlajn and Kuroi, and hopefully, someone to flirt with.
Toodle pip!

Sausage Fingers Attack!

There’s large hole in a pair of my favourite pants.
This makes for sad me, since I totally suck at sowing.

Superstar sucked into the Supermassive

Oh, Hai! ^_^ Hows u doin tonite?

Twilight has a soundtrack. Go download it.
And if you won’t, on some freaky principle like ‘It’s the Twilight soundtrack’ then I totally get it. In that case, get your Muse-freak on. I got mine back, since Supermassive Black Hole is in it, in the scene with the baseball. (Super silly and still totally cool in a very nerdy way. *Hangs head in nerdy shame*)

Oh baby dont you know I suffer?
Oh baby can you hear me moan?
You caught me under false pretenses
How long before you let me go?
You set my soul alight
(You set my soul alight)

Glaciers melting in the dead of night
And the superstars sucked into the supermassive
(You set my soul alight)
Glaciers melting in the dead of night
And the superstars sucked into the ‘supermassive’

Go make supermassive love to your P2P of choice, just get yourself some Muse.
Time to read some bedtime stories. Night night!

Oh, and also:
– We’re ice skating!
– Yeah, I can see that. So there’s ice here?
– No, it’s sugar of course. Dummy!
(The last was said with absolute certainty. I love kids, and I love my job. And apparently I’m a boy, ’cause I’m fun to play with. Snerk.)

Supermassive Black Hole

*Does tiny dance.
Quickly glances around to see if anyone noticed.
Does another tiny dance.*

It’s payday! And double the money, double the fun. It seems that I was wrong about the kindergarten salary, and it came in today, along with the church one. *Slightly bigger dance.*
The plan was not to blow it all at once, and I certainly won’t, but I do plan to finally go buy the pretty, pretty dress fron Bik Bok. Heh, Snerk. I Love Money.

Now I’m off to the Ö.T part of town. Lots o’ kiddies, and not enough sleep for me, but I’ll manage. After all, It’s payday! *Shakes booty like madman.*

And also, I kinda, maybe downloaded Twilight to see what all the freakin’ fuss was all about, and it seems that Robert Pattison might just be super pretty. Like, smooch your face pretty. And also, the SOB can sing. Like, I wanna have your babies, write songs and sing.

And the thing about Twilight is that it’s kin of bad. But still pretty good. Like a fic with a well used plotline and sort-of-bad writing. It has it’s high moments when you go ‘I might just have to buy a new keyboard, ’cause all that drool must’ve killed it’ and then there are scenes when you slam your head into said keyboard, ’cause, really? Sparkles? Neh.
But still, I watched twice in the same amount of days. Propably gonna watch again tonigt.
Robert Pattison FTFW.

I wish it grew on trees. Bushes would be fine too.

I really, really want my money.
Like, now.
My salary from church is due in two days, but the daycare one? Not for another week. This makes for a cranky me. I’m jonesing for chocolate right now, and I have a total of four cigarettes left. Go me!

No, I’d say it’s time to pull on the fishnet stockings and take a walk.
Evlajn, wanna join?

Behold, a Rash Decision!

In a moment of temporary insanity I’ve decided to blog in english from now on. Some people may claim that I stole a page from Linda’s book, and rightfully so, but I would like to add that there’s more to it than that.

Like, five seconds ago, I posted a comment on a fic on LiveJournal using their OpenID option and my BloggerID. I then realised that I blog in swedish and if the author of said fab fic would by a random mutany of her clicky-finger drop by and check out my blog, she wouldn’t understand crap.

So there you have it. Considering this fic is a Btvs-Ats-Leverage X-over team!fic with a good plot, spot on characterizations and voices, a distinct lack of OOC-ness and an awesome blend of drama, crack! and angst, I’d say it’s a totally Rad but totally understandable decision.

Well, I’m off for sleep, I guess.

(Shit. Does this mean I have to renew my entire tags list?)

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