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Yeah, my problem as well.

Deleting Account A while ago, I wanted to delete or deactive my wordpress. It's because I can't do much on here! I just realized that I can't edit my CSS, change my layout / themes on wordpress unless I get an upgrade. As a person, I do not think I would want to pay to get an upgrade so, I could edit my CSS. I went on the search for "Delete account", then a link popped up, … Read More

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I’m officially Not Okay

There. I said it.

I keep having this revelation, over and over. And I keep forgetting it.

Note To Self: CHURCH IS GOOD FOR YOU. Get your ass over there from time to time, and you WILL feel alot better.

Confirmation 10/11

First leader meeting this afternoon, and I can’t decide if I’m totally psyched or slightly suicidal just from the thought of it. We’re gonna be 20 leaders for 23 kids and my role in all of this is as vauge as things can possibly get. I just hope it doesn’t turn into one of these things I donät eally have the energy to manage and end up hating.

A life jacket

Less than a week, now.

I’m leaking energy like a sinking ship. I feel like I need to stop sleeping to get everything done, which is a shame, ’cause what I really need right now is 9 hours of undisturbed sleep.

But no. LiSu lecture instead.

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